In today’s world of razzmatazz, we are here to take you into a trance, to transform and transcend your soul into a realm of ecstasy and euphoric creativity.

Taking inspiration from classic essayists and creators like Michelangelo, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Plato etc. we intend to restore the excellence and aesthetic of literature and the beauty and charisma as advocate by ancient patrons of philosophy, literature and realism. Like, as in the renaissance period, the knowledge and skills of the renaissance period i.e. 14 th century- 17 th century.

So hereby we on behalf of the DPS ELDECO fraternity invite you to THE FIRST EDITION OF THE ANNUAL ENGLISH LITERARY FEST, Renaissance: The revival of mystic creativity.

The entire event shall be based on the archaic literature as was seen in the middle ages in ancient Europe. This event is an ode to the patrons of the concept of ancient philosophy and literature.

Session Date Venue
2017-2018 6 th of May, Saturday’2017
DPS Eldeco Sector-II, Raksha Khand
Udyan-II, Eldeco Colony
Raibareilly Road, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh – 226025