General Guidelines

Participants and registration:

  • Participating schools are expected to register their teams using the registration form at the earliest, to facilitate the host school to organise event.
  • Any change in the name of participating student is not expected, however in any rare case, it must be notified to the students in charge as soon as possible.
  • There will be no provisions for on the spot registrations.

Reporting at the school:

  • All the participating teams must reach the school by 08:3 a.m.
  • All the participating teams must bring their own props if required whose provisions are further mentioned.

Results Awards/Prizes:

  • Merit Participation certificates will be given to all the participants.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the winning teams/individuals during the prize distribution ceremony.

Accompanying teacher:

  • (s)He will be responsible for the conduct of the participating students.
  • (s)He is to ensure that the school team attends the opening and closing ceremony.
  • (s)He is expected to collect all the certificates for the participants from the students in charge.
  • (s)He is expected to collect the refreshment tokens.